Don’t Pass By Your Passageways

Open floor plans are still incredibly popular in all styles of home design, but not every part of your home can be completely open.  Especially in traditional style homes, hallways and passageways are a necessary feature.  These utilitarian spaces are rarely the focus of much design thought, but you can create a truly incredible home by paying more attention to the passageways.
upgraded traditional house passageway
Traditional Hall by Charlottesville Architects & Designers Candace M P Smith Architect via Houzz

  • Installing storage. A thick wall (18 to 24 inches) provides space for recessed shelving and small inset cabinetry. Bookcases, dedicated storage, or integrated shelving are all great ways to maximize the available space.
  • Creating a focal point. Make the passageways stand out! Consider painting the walls a bold color, hanging treasured art pieces, or installing molding in the passageways to make these spaces shine.
  • Getting creative. You're only limited by your creativity when it comes to designing passageways.  Have you ever considered installing a secret passageway? A secret passageway may quickly become your child's favorite space in the house. It is a great way to connect two living areas or to create a one of a kind playroom.

improving hallways in a home
Traditional Entry by Atlanta Architects & Designers W Dylan Gilliam via Houzz

  • Breaking up long hallways.  If your floor plan makes a long hallway necessary, consider adding a miniature room that opens up the middle of the hallway.  Add bays that can house cozy reading nooks or a small desk.
  • Choosing an interesting shape. Customize your passageways by trading in the squared-off edges with rounded arches.  You can even round the ceiling in the hallway or add coffers and other details to give the space its own presence.  A line of pretty pendant or chandelier light fixtures is another great detail to add.

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