Enjoy the Luxury and Convenience of a Central Vacuum System

When you're designing and building your custom home, you're probably focused on room placement, layout, amenities, and other important decisions that have to be made. Things like vacuums don't typically cross your mind until after you've moved in, but the building stage is an ideal time to boost the luxury and convenience of your home by considering a central vacuum system -- the latest in home technology trends.

Contemporary Bathroom by Kelowna Interior Designers & Decorators Begrand Fast Design Inc. (note the dust pans incorporated into the interior design)
A central vacuum system can help keep your home clean and well-maintained without the mess and hassle of a conventional vacuum. This system consists of a central power unit and inlets placed throughout the home where you can simply carry the hose and plug it in, a great alternative to moving a heavy vacuum unit from room to room . As you use the vacuum, the dust and debris is transported to the central power unit via a series of tubes located in the attic, cold air returns, or the basement. You can even install automatic dustpans in rooms that get swept often for added convenience.

central vacuum systems

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