Factors to Consider Before Finishing Your Basement


Source: Country Club Homes

When it's time to undertake a basement remodeling project in your Connecticut home, planning ahead is essential for a successful outcome. There are choices that must be made and factors you should consider before beginning work. Failure to think through important decisions may sabotage the project and leave you frustrated with the outcome.

The professionals at Country Club Homes are prepared to assist you during each step of your basement remodeling project, and will help you with the big decisions, including:

  • Repairing existing problems. The best professionals will evaluate any existing problems such as leaks, code violations and gaps in the ceiling. Resolving these problems before work begins is essential to a successful project.
  • Keeping the basement dry. There are several effective methods for keeping the basement dry, including a drain tile system and oversized windows with wells. We can advise you which of these solutions is ideal for your basement.
  • Warming the space. A basement can often be cold and uninviting. Before work begins, we'll help you decide on a method to keep it warm such as spray-foam insulation combined with a programmable thermostat.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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