How Landscaping Goes From Dream to Reality

What is your ideal home exterior? You probably have an image in your mind of the perfect landscaping, but making that image a reality can seem a bit intimidating. With the help of Country Club Homes, you can have the landscape of your dreams. Here is a brief look at the process we use to create beautiful landscapes for each one of our clients.

  • Step 1: Drawing plans. After speaking with you and determining your budget and exactly what you desire in a landscape, we create a schematic drawing to show you what the finished product will look like.  Always design your entire project up front.
    planning a new landscape

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  • Step 2: Phasing.  To save money, phase your landscape project in stages.  This will allow time to get competitive pricing on materials and subcontractors.
  • Step 3: Permits and Organization. Now that the building plans are in order, we apply for the necessary permits and facilitate communication between the various builders and contractors.

planning a new landscape
Traditional Landscape by Sterling Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction via Houzz

  • Step 4: Build.  We are passionate about making your dream a reality.  Overseeing the building of your landscaping design from start to finish ensures it meets your approved designs.

planning a new landscape
Contemporary Landscape by West Chicago Landscape Contractors Grant and Power Landscaping via Houzz
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