Innovative Ways to Hide Your TV

Hide the TV behind decorative doors

Source: 12 Ave Homes, LLC (via Houzz)

Your television likely plays a big role in your house; you look forward to sporting events, kids' shows and favorite evening programs. When the show is over, however, you may want the television set to remain hidden. Here are some unique and stylish ways to disguise a television:

Seamlessly Hide the TV in a Kitchen Cabinet

Source: Marcel Page Photography (via Houzz)

  • Sliding and hiding. Homeowners are finding ways to completely hide a television, and then slide it out to watch a program. Positioning the television on castors or rollers allows you to roll it out from behind an art installation, fireplace front or a wall panel.
  • Using doors. A custom console can quickly hide your television behind doors that match the room's design. When the doors are closed, it will be impossible to discern that a TV hides behind them.
  • A mirrored television. This television technology allows you to transform the set into a mirror with the touch of a button. The mirror simply comes to life so you can watch your favorite show when powered on.
This TV isn't visible when it is turned off

Source: Seura (via Houzz)

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