Keeping a Consistent and Well-Constructed Roof Design in Your Home Addition

A home addition presents a range of challenges to designers and homeowners, such as: "How can we make the design cohesive while creating a beautiful home exterior?" or "How will the new roof line impact the home's overall design?"

Understanding the issues surrounding the addition's roof is crucial to making sure the building project is a success. Things to consider include:

    • The Slope of the Roof: If the new roof's slope is insufficient, the drainage will likely not meet building codes. If the planned roof has too steep of a slope the design must be adjusted for a wider extension.
Photo Credit: Country Club Homes

Photo Credit: County Club Homes

    • Drainage: Make sure to choose a roof that allows for continuation of the home's original drainage pattern. Plan ahead to ensure drain water has a place to go.

Photo Credit: Country Club Homes

    • Lack of Natural Light: The roof on your addition may block sunlight to other parts of the home. Choose a roof style that is cohesive with the existing structure and allows as much light as possible to reach the home.
front view

Photo Credit: Country Club Homes

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