Key Design Elements for Cold-Climate Homes

winter window


We still have several months of winter ahead of us, and this season is already headed for the record books. Deep snow, blowing winds and frigid temperatures are common in Connecticut. When designing our customers' new homes, we take special care to plan for the worst possible winter weather.

As you work with one of our designers to plan your custom Fairfield County home consider including:

Connecticut home

Source: Country Club Homes

  • Covered entrances. Ensuring your home's entrances are covered makes coming and going more convenient and protects visitors from the elements. 
  • A snow melting system. Reduce your time shoveling snow next winter by installing a snow melting system under your home's sidewalks, parking areas and driveway.
  • Radiant heating systems. Installed under the floor, a radiant heating system is an efficient way to provide additional heat to your home.
  • South facing windows. These windows will take in the most light and warmth each day by maximizing available winter sunlight.
Connecticut home

Source: Country Club Homes

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