Know How Your Foundation Protects and Stabilizes Your Custom Home

When designing your home, it's easy to focus on the pieces that you'll see every day -- bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters and living room designs. The most important part of your home, however, is the foundation. Understanding how a foundation stabilizes your home helps you make educated choices as you work with our design team to create a custom home.

how foundations affect home construction
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Concrete Feet

Most foundations rest on a concrete foot, which supports poured concrete walls and a slab concrete floor. The concrete footing is placed below the frost line, which prevents it from expanding and contracting as the ground freezes and thaws. Improper placement of this footing can cause the foundation to crack, which compromises its ability to support your home's weight. Cracking is also prevented by using the right ratio of water to mix when preparing concrete.


Foundations are also designed to keep water out of your home. Installing a perimeter drain is important for drawing the water away from the foundation.  Make sure that your foundation has a waterproof coating as a fall back plan, in case there is an extreme amount of precipitation or an issue occurs with the drain.

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