Learn the Basics About Drywall

If your home renovation project involves replacing a wall or installing a new wall, drywall is the most likely material to be used. Knowing the basics about this common walling material can help you make wise choices when working with our Wilton, CT, home design teams to renovate your home.  Drywall is a sheet of gypsum plaster sandwiched between paper and is sometimes called gypsum board, wallboard, Sheetrock (a trademarked brand) or just rock.
understanding drywall
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Here are some of the basic elements of drywall:

  • Arches and bends. If you think that only plaster walls can be shaped into attractive arches, think again. Corner beads are metal pieces that are placed along the edge of drywall to create a curved shape, and then joint compound is used to smooth the shaped surface.
  • Smooth finish. While entire plaster walls were finished and smoothed with a trowel, only the seams of drywall walls are covered with joint tape and joint compound. This leads to a smoother result.
  • Sheet sizes. Drywall sheets are either 48 or 54 inches wide and between 8 and 16 feet long. Using the largest sheets possible reduces the amount of time spent taping and smoothing the seams between sheets.
    understanding drywall

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