Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Powder Room Reflections

In a small space like a powder room, the mirror makes a strong impression. This important design element is often the first thing and the last thing a visitor sees. The right mirror can make your powder room feel larger and establish a stylish focal point in the room.



Michelle Miller Design

Get creative and experiment with materials, color and shapes for the powder room mirror that you might not use in other areas of your home. The powder room is the ideal space to use opulent materials and fixtures that might be prohibitively expensive in larger areas. It’s also a great place to go a little wild even if the rest of your home leans toward a more traditional look.



Wills Company

While the powder room mirror doesn’t have the same requirements for functionality as a mirror in a master bathroom, the placement in the room is important, especially when considering the height. You want your guests to easily see their reflections. Aim for a size and placement that will allow a full upper body view for most guests.

Olpos Design

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