More People Want Clean Lines in the Kitchen and Bath

While the quaint cottage and farmhouse chic style homes always have their following, today's homeowners are leaning more toward clean lines, flowing spaces, and sophisticated functionality in kitchen and bathroom design. This shift to simplicity creates pleasing spaces without sacrificing elegance.
bathroom design ideas
Modern Bathroom by Palo Alto Architects & Designers Anna Teeples Designs via Houzz

Easier Acess Bathrooms

The growing trend of showers without thresholds and touch-activated bathroom faucets not only brings added efficiency and accessibility to the bathroom, but it eliminates some of the extra visual clutter of sink handles and shower thresholds.  Additionally, neutral countertop colors are still a hot commodity in bathroom design.  The end result is a sleeker, cleaner-looking bathroom that doesn't sacrifice the comfortable appearance of traditional style.

Convenience and Cleanliness

Clean lines are more than a component of style, they make spaces easier to clean. Less ornamentation and countertops of granite and quartz are low-maintenance and require less time scrubbing into nooks and crannies.  Motion activated faucets eliminate the need to dirty knobs with hands covered in food or dirt. A large pantry tucked behind doors provides ample storage for items while maintaining the simple, crisp look of the kitchen.
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Tropical Bathroom by Sarasota Architects & Designers Clifford M. Scholz Architects Inc. via Houzz
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