One Kitchen, Two Islands: A Unique Idea for Your Fairfield County Home

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home, and for obvious reasons. This is where we eat, drink and be merry! We probably all have fond memories of being in the kitchen as a child. The aroma of lasagna baking in the oven, or the sweet smell of fresh homemade apple pie - doesn't it bring back memories?

So it's clear that the kitchen is a crucial space within the home. And it should be designed so as to cater to families who love gathering there. One kitchen design trend that's certain catching on is the installation of not one, but two islands.

But why would anyone need two islands in the kitchen?

Country Club Homes

It's quite a beneficial design solution, we assure you. It provides an extra surface for food preparation, or a place for the kids to do their homework. Your guests can also have a seat at the second island without getting in the way of the chef. Two islands are also ideal for the kitchen that requires lots of storage. In short, double islands in the kitchen help to make the space more functional for the busy family.

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Image: Country Club Homes