Planning the Perfect Pool Shape for Your Home

Adding a pool to your home is an excellent way to enjoy the upcoming summer months. Imagine relaxing poolside, taking a early morning swim, or watching your family splash and play together. Seems fantastic, doesn't it?

planning a pool design

Source: Country Club Homes

If you're considering adding a pool to your home, you first need to decide on the perfect pool shape. Take into account your:

  • Available space: Surveying your available space and the shape of the space available is the best way to determine what shape and dimensions will fit in your yard.   For example, if you have a protruding part of the home as part of your design, an L-shaped pool can easily fit around it for a cohesive appearance.  The kidney shape, another common pool design, fits well in nearly any yard and leaves some space for a hot tub.
  • Primary use: Once you determine how the pool will be used, you can choose a pool shape that will align with your family's typical use.  If it's a pool used for exercise, a long rectangular pool is ideal for laps.  If children will be using the pool, a figure eight or L-shaped pool that lends itself to an easy distinction between shallow and deep ends is a good option.
  • Family needs: For example, perhaps you like to play sports such as basketball or volleyball in the pool. Oval shaped pools are ideal for homes with a variety of needs for their pool.

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