Pretty Up Your Fairfield County Powder Room

The powder room is typically the smallest room in the house. But don't be fooled - it can still pack a powerful punch! With careful selection of a great sink, mirror, faucet and maybe a wall covering, your powder room could potentially be one of the best spaces in your entire home.

Besides looking pretty, powder rooms must also perform a job. Whether it's the busy summer season or the holidays, your visitors will be in and out of the powder room all year long. As such, it should be a pretty impressive space.

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Image via Country Club Homes

  • Just because the powder room is compact doesn't mean you have to be minimal. Try incorporating more than one mirror here. It can make the space look and feel bigger than it actually is. Play around with sizes - rectangular, square, oval and starburst mirrors can all exude very different effects.
  • Make a real statement on the walls. Paint, decals and wall coverings all come in amazing colors, finishes and patterns that can really make even the smallest powder room sing. You might do just one wall as an accent, or cover every wall for a really cool effect.
  • Although there are a lot of sink styles to choose from, vessel sinks always stand out in a small space. These come in all styles from simple glass or elaborate marble designs. And even if these sinks aren't up your alley, traditional pedestal sinks or vanities always work in powder rooms as well.
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