Set the Table for a Better Dining Room

When the holidays arrive each year the dining room usually gets used more often as we welcome guests into our homes for seasonal celebrations. What makes the dining room inviting, comfortable and memorable?



Barry Dixon's Virginia Farmhouse Dining Room

Because it is typically one of the least used rooms in a home, the dining room can be a place to experiment with dramatic colors and materials. A deep blue or red on the walls, grandly scaled lighting fixtures with metallic or crystal elements, and prominent pieces of art are examples of going bold in the dining room and giving your guests something to talk about!



Tucker & Marks

The right lighting is essential to setting the mood in your dining room. You want enough light so that your wonderful food can be properly seen but not so much light that guests feel uncomfortable. Soft, warm lighting is an ideal choice supported by multiple candles to bring a festive glow to the room.



Country Club Homes, Inc.

Encourage lingering over wine and conversation by ensuring that the chairs around your dining table are comfortable and that the room design allows enough space for navigating throughout, whether during serving or after dinner mingling.

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