Should You Move Out During Your Home Renovation?

moving out


A home renovation project is a significant investment of both your time and money. It has the potential to upset your family's daily life. Choosing whether to move out or stay during the renovation is a big decision. Make sure to consider:
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  • Purpose of the project   An addition to the back of your home may be livable, but a complete overhaul of the living space will likely require you to leave.
  • Basic necessities   Your family still needs to eat and shower. Will your bathrooms and kitchen be accessible and usable?
  • Pets and family members   Take into consideration your pets and the ages of your children. Older children will be able to navigate the renovation easier than toddlers.
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Of course, there are additional costs for homeowners who choose to leave during the renovation such as a temporary rental or an extended commute. However, homeowners who choose to stay in their home will also incur additional costs such as increased potential for delays, and the renovation crew having to work around the family.

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