Steps to a Gorgeous Stairway

A well-designed stairway takes the design of your home to new levels. Besides serving the very practical purpose of navigation, stairways are an architectural centerpiece and an opportunity to be creative on a grand scale.



Country Club Homes, Inc.

Your stairway can set the tone for the aesthetic of your entire home so it’s important to determine at the outset what style you want to convey: traditional, modern, rustic or whatever makes the most sense for your home and your personal tastes. Another primary consideration is what structure you want for your staircase, typically either a straight-run stairway (which can also curve or change directions at some point, possibly with a landing) or a curved stairway.



Country Club Homes, Inc.

Memorable stairways are determined in large part by their materials, with endless possibilities to choose from and places to experiment, from the stairs themselves, to the railing, posts and walls. Natural hardwood stairs communicate rich, timeless character when left bare and get a more modern vibe when painted. An intricately carved handrail crafted from stone, reclaimed woods, or metal brings a strong artistic sensibility to your space. Details such as period newel posts are the finishing touches that make a stairway design exceptional.


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