Sunrooms Shine Bright All Year Long in Fairfield County

The addition of a sunroom to your New England home will add a versatile and extremely enjoyable space to your property. In addition to being an ideal space for the part-time gardener, it can also accommodate kids doing homework, fun family activities and a space to just relax after a long day. Sunrooms, however, are not just for the summer. Here are three great ways to think about using your sunroom all year round:

Image via Houzz

Image via Houzz

Experience the Majesty of Nature - The changing colors of the New England landscape in fall is beautiful beyond words. Surround yourself with this beauty in a glass enclosed sunroom so that you can enjoy the view without having to leave home. 

Stay Close to the Winter Wonderland - Similarly, you can watch every snowflake as it drifts to the ground while warmly ensconced inside an insulated and perfectly heated retreat. We all know that our snow storms can be brutal, but from a distance, they're quite refreshing to admire from the warmth of your sunroom.

Keep Your Cool on Summer Nights - A sunroom serves double duty during the summer. Keep cool while the sun shines bright, and then open up the windows and double-doors to enjoy the best of the cool summer breezes. Who needs to visit the local park when you've got your own outdoor living room to enjoy?

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