The Latest Fairfield County Kitchen Design Trends

Are you considering a home renovation in your luxury kitchen?  An informative article from discusses the latest kitchen design trends and renovation news, indicating that many home owners have been downsizing on home renovation projects over the last few years.

Fred Miller from the Home Improvement Research Institute says “If your water heater went out, you weren’t going to take cold showers, but because some kitchen remodeling can be pretty pricey, many owners decided they could live with their existing kitchens for a year or two.” The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has reported that these trends are changing and the remodeling industry overall is seeing double the growth in 2012, that it did just two years ago.

What are some of the new design trends? Here are a few of the most interesting...

Sleek Styling: According to the article, one of the biggest changes, especially in the Northeast, are simpler and sleeker looking contemporary kitchen design styles. Referred to as "transitional",  it is modern but with the classic touch.

Workstations: A second new trend is in the area of the kitchen layout and work triangle. According to the article, homeowners are doing away with the formal dining room and enlarging the kitchen to include an eat-in dining area. Secondly, the article says the work triangle is no longer the center of the kitchen. Seemingly, restaurant style workstations are replacing the work triangle.

Docking Stations: No surprise to the modern reader, the next trend of note reported in the article is the docking station. While many families still maintain an office space, the kitchen now hosts an electronic docking station.

Kitchen designer Amanda LaRose says, “Office space is not disappearing” from the kitchen, LaRose explains, “but morphing. It’s becoming a message center and docking station. It probably does not have a sit-down desk area like it did, and once you take away the need for sitting, you can now use that space for storage.”

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