Tips for Building a Classy, Eco-Friendly Driveway

Did you know that traditional asphalt or concrete driveways increase the amount of stormwater runoff that ends up in nearby rivers and lakes? As this runoff is carried away, it picks up traces of pollutants, such as pesticides and petroleum. You can help curb this potential pollution of rivers and lakes by installing a green driveway that promotes groundwater recharge.
eco friendly driveways
Contemporary Landscape by Pipersville Landscape Architects & Designers Landscape Plus, LLC via Houzz
There are a variety of options for green driveways, including:

  • Gravel. A gravel driveway is a natural option for an eco-friendly driveway. Gravel is permeable, helps prevent rainwater run off, and is easy to maintain in warmer climates that don't require much snow removal.
  • Open-cell pavers. A driveway composed of concrete pavers with spaces between them aids in groundwater recharge by providing opportunity for rainwater to seep back into the ground. The spaces also add a little green to the driveway area.
  • Pervious pavers. A pervious paver driveway is installed much like an open-cell driveway. However, instead of open space between pavers the joins are filled with aggregate that aids in groundwater recharge.

eco friendly driveways
Farmhouse Exterior by Evanston Landscape Architects & Designers Kettelkamp & Kettelkamp via Houzz
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