Try These Alternatives for Granite in your New England Home

Granite has long been a staple for counter-tops in custom kitchen remodeling projects. Granite is beautiful but it may not fit your style. Never fear though, there are a lot of beautiful counter-top materials that would be perfect in your New England home.

alternatives to granite countertops
Traditional Kitchen with Marble Counter-Tops by San Francisco Interior Designers & Decorators Fiorella Design

Consider installing:

  • Marble: Installing a marble counter-top instantly provides a sense of glamour and classic beauty. Marble stands up to heat well and stays universally cool which is ideal for rolling dough for pastry projects.
  • Polished concrete: If you are hoping for an industrial look in your kitchen remodeling project, consider installing polished concrete. Concrete counter-tops can be tinted, may include inlays, and will stand up well to heavy use over time.
  • Wood: A wood countertop is an excellent choice for a traditional kitchen. Wood brings the feel of a shopworn kitchen that is both beautiful to look at and easy to work in.
  • Caesarstone:  Caesarstone quartz surfaces are a superb combination of nature and technology consisting of 93% natural quartz.  Caesarstone is non-porous, heat resistant up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and scratch resistant.  Since the product is highly stain resistant it does not require sealing.

alternatives to granite countertops
Eclectic Kitchen with Caeserstone Counter-Tops by New York Architects & Designers Josephine Design LLC via Houzz 

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