Use Traditional Decor to Create a Child’s Room

Children's rooms have evolved. Gone are the days of painted animals or sticking to a color palette of primary colors or pastels. Children's rooms have become both elevated examples of your personal design style and functional spaces for your young ones to grow.

children's room

Source: Country Club Homes

There are many great ways to incorporate traditional decor in your child's room, creating a space that is elegant and child friendly.

  • Be nostalgic Vintage maps, heirloom portraits or traditional wallpaper designs are great ways to maintain a classic aesthetic while creating a perfect child's space.
  • Invest in quality pieces Don't forego high-quality furniture just because you're furnishing a child's room. Investing in solid wood furniture allows the room to grow with your child.
  • Make it fun Remember that a child still lives in the room. Find ways to store toys and books that provide easy access, such as a painted armoire or traditionally styled bookcases. You can also add accessories such as pictures or brightly-colored storage baskets that can be upgraded as the child gets older.  And don't forget the ceiling. Blue sky with clouds, stars and planets, tree branches and monkeys; the options are endless!
kids rrom

Source: Country Club Homes

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