What Can a Butler’s Pantry Do for You?

The onset of spring and summer brings more guests into your home, which means you'll be spending more time in the kitchen preparing those traditional summer goodies: fruit salad, burgers, hot dogs and lemonade.

But in order to perform as a great host and chef, you must have ample room to do your job. While you surely want to entertain your guests and keep the conversation going, having them in the kitchen with you will make the space cramped and confusing. And when guests are in the kitchen, they might feel obligated to help out.

Don't fear though - a butler's pantry can change all that.

Image via Houzz.com

Image via Houzz.com

The butler's pantry is typically located just off the kitchen, so it's far enough away that no one is in the chef's way, but it's still close enough to keep the chatter going. This functional space is ideal for storing dishes, drinkware and napkins especially for your guests. It can also serve as a great staging area with finished platters and bowls of food so that everyone can serve themselves without crowding the kitchen.

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