How Energy Efficient is Your Fairfield County Home?

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Owning an efficient and comfortable home is the desire of many Fairfield homeowners. While many newly built homes are better insulated and more efficient than older homes, nearly all houses have areas where energy efficiency can be improved.


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There are three different tests that can be performed to determine your home's efficiency:
1. Blower Door Test - A large powerful fan is mounted to a door to measure the how air tight your home is. The idea is to be able to identify any air leaks so you know areas that may need to be sealed.
2. Low-emissivity Window Checkers - These handheld devices are able to determine the emissivity coating on the interior pane of your windows. Low-emissivity coatings are designed to reduce the heat transmitted through the window.
3. Infrared Cameras - This high-tech camera is used to take pictures of the exterior of the home to determine any hot spots. Interior pictures are then taken to detect any cold spots. This is incredibly useful in detecting any insulation issues and where there may be any air leaks.


Source: morguefile

Once the energy efficiency of your home is determined and problem areas are identified, you can target your renovation efforts to improve your home's efficiency. For more information about our custom design and home building services, please contact Country Cub Homes Inc. by telephone at 203-762-0550 or visit the Country Club Homes Inc. website.