green productsThere are a myriad of decisions to make when deciding on green products and systems to use in your home.

For some, it means taking advantage of every environmentally friendly idea out there, and making sure that the process has been coordinated to result in the best end product with the smallest ecological footprint on our planet.

For others, it may be to just take advantage of some green products, such as spray foam insulation or a geo-thermal heating and air conditioning system, to help improve the energy efficiency of their home. Doing this not only helps the planet, but can save the homeowners money in energy costs.

Still others may wish to bring the outdoors in with the natural light harnessed in a well designed sunroom, which contributes to the home's ability to conserve energy. Cultivating plants year-round in a sunroom can also improve air quality within the home. 

Whatever you decide, let Country Club Homes help guide you through this process while also making sure that you have a beautifully designed home. We have the expertise, and have made it our mission to stay abreast of the latest in green products and technology as they continue to evolve and improve.

The basic areas that you need to think about, and we can help you with, are:

  • Situating the home properly to take advantage of slope, sunlight and tree shade
  • The building envelope, to make sure the home is well insulated, and then properly ventilated
  • Building with as little waste as possible
  • Using environmentally-friendly products
  • Improving the air quality within your home
  • Systems that improve energy efficiency and ultimately lower the cost of running your home

Ready to make your home more sustainable, or to build the environmentally friendly home of your dreams? Contact us today to get started.