A Softer Touch: Pastel Colors at Home

The Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz named as the 2016 colors of the year by Pantone foreshadowed a renewed interest in pastels at home this year. Pastels are both fresh and nostalgic, bringing a calm sense of welcome to interiors.


Susan Glick Interiors

Painting walls with the light hues of pastels makes a space feel open, airy and inviting. Blue and green pastels tend to be more relaxing, while pink and lavender feel livelier. A very pale yellow reflects light and is an imaginative alternative to white. Any pastel will bring warmth to a sleek, modern space or add whimsy to interiors with mostly white or neutral tones. As with any color, experimenting with accessories or small spaces first is a smart way to get started.

Style Me Pretty - The Vault Pastel Colors at Home

Style Me Pretty - The Vault, Photography: Virginia Macdonald

Accessories such as curtains, throw pillows, and accent rugs in pops of color against a neutral background are one of the most popular ways to explore pastels. Reversing the idea by contrasting neutral accessories with pastel walls is a modern interpretation with soothing appeal. Bright primary colors mixed with pastels make a bold statement in contemporary environments. Open to a variety of interpretations, the versatility of pastels adds to their charm.

Jane Ellsworth Interiors

Jane Ellsworth Interiors

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