A Bright Winter: Lighting Design for Your Home

During the season of shorter days, the lighting design in your home more strongly influences mood. We all spend more time at home during the winter months and lighting can help us feel comfortable, warm and optimistic even on the coldest days.

First, there’s natural light. Allowing as much natural light into your home as possible during winter months is essential to well-being. Clear away any clutter from your windows, draw back drapes, and raise shades to let in the healing and warming qualities of natural light. Mirrors are powerful and stylish reflectors; one or two well-chosen statement mirrors can add a significant sense of expanded illumination to your space.


Jill Wolff Design

Turn off the overheads and add light to unexpected places throughout a room by brightening dark corners and nooks with table or floor lamps. Pops of color are also welcome when natural surroundings are stark and cold. Try replacing your neutral lampshades with a bright jewel tone or warm sunshine color for the winter months.

Luminous Interiors - A Bright Winter - Lighting

Brian J. McCarthy, Luminous Interiors

Flickering candles make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Try grouping candles of varying widths and heights for added drama and a flattering glow, especially when entertaining on a winter evening.

LeSueur Interiors - A Bright Winter - Interior decorating with lighting

LeSueur Interiors

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