All Ages: Creating a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

Designing a bedroom that will grow with your child requires a thoughtful balance of fun and practicality. Chances are your child will want a room that is colorful, playful and trendy but what seems desirable to her now will undoubtedly change in five years. The ideal bedroom design allows for the developing interests and moods of a growing kid.


Project Nursery

Wall colors should be youthful but as neutral as possible to avoid having to change the palette every few years. Favorite bright colors can be expressed in accessories such as linens, accessories, and wall art.


RH baby & child

When choosing furniture, avoid child-sized versions or anything in trendy shapes or colors. Make selections that will last throughout the years and then possibly find a space in another part of your home when your child goes off to college!

nautical room

The Kim Six Fix

Simplicity is key in a child’s room, which often fills up with toys, gadgets, clothes, and school projects faster than it can be de-cluttered. When the overall design of the room is clean and streamlined it’s easier to keep neat and simpler to change the look with a refresh of accessories.

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