All that Glitters: A Chandelier Makes Any Room More Glamorous


Country Club Homes, Inc.

The sparkling elegance of chandelier lighting brings a sense of romance and glamour to any room in your home. There are many styles to experiment with, from modern to rustic or traditional. A chandelier can be an effective eclectic touch in a room where you decide to mix styles – a vintage chandelier in a modern room or a modern chandelier in a rustic room. Sometimes the most dramatic way to emphasize the dazzling qualities of a chandelier is choosing an oversized style, which becomes a natural visual centerpiece of the room.


Country Club Homes, Inc.

It’s important to choose a size for your chandelier that adds visual interest without overpowering the overall aesthetics of your space. For best results, add the dimensions of the room together in feet and then convert the answer to inches. The diameter of your chandelier should be as large as the total in inches. If your room measures 10' x 15' the diameter of the fixture should be about 25". In a dining room, you’ll want to take the size of your dining table into account. Keep the total dimensions of the chandelier at least 1’ less than the dining table at its widest point. You’ll also want to give careful consideration to how low you hang your chandelier and how close it is to any other piece of furniture in the room. Because a chandelier makes a strong visual impact it requires thoughtful placement even more than other lighting.


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