An Art Lovers Guide to Decorating Your Fairfield Home

Not sure how to showcase that beautiful painting you purchased?  When you've invested in a fine piece of art, it makes sense to ensure that the painting takes center stage in your design. There are plenty of home design ideas that can bring the elements you love about your painting into the entire room, making the painting a seamless part of your home design.

Repeat the use of color and line to create impact -  Pick up a color from the art piece, and duplicate it in the throw pillows.  Choose a shape in the painting, perhaps a line of trees, and duplicate the lines in upholstery fabric on a piece of furniture placed under the painting.

Duplicate the balance in color that appears in the artwork - For example, f your piece is dominantly brown with touches of orange and green, then your couch should be upholstered in brown with accents in orange and green.  This spreads the influence of the painting.

Group multiple pieces by the same artist, or pieces that are similar in look from various artists – Groupings of artwork create a stronger statement than one piece on its own.

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Image via Country Club Homes

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