Architecture that Lets the Light In

Increasing the natural light in your home has many benefits from physical and psychological well-being to practical and earth-friendly building. Homes designed to maximize daylight help to balance our bodily rhythms and conserve natural resources. Well lit rooms are perceived as more appealing than dim ones and truly stunning custom homes make light a top priority in their architecture and design.

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Where your home is located is an essential factor in planning architecture and design for light. A room that faces east will feel warm in the morning and cool in the evening, while the opposite is true in a room oriented to the west. North facing rooms need special attention to feel inviting. Open layouts that include a direct line of sight from the front room to the rear of the home will optimize natural light.

Architecture that Lets the Light In - foyer with two story windows

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Clerestory (pronounced “clear story”) windows are a classic architectural element that let light flood the interior. Roof lights in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles bring the openness and freedom of the sky into your home and can have a significantly stronger effect on light than traditional windows. French doors and sliding glass doors are options that emphasize light and a connection to natural surroundings. A carefully planned combination of several of these elements is ideal; rooms that are lit from a variety of sources will feel especially open and comfortable.

Family-Room with french doors

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