In Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day: Decorating with Green

Green symbolizes growth, harmony, and a connection to nature. Since it’s also the color of St. Patrick’s Day, this is the perfect time to explore exciting ideas for decorating your home with green!

Because green is available in so many shades, it’s a versatile color with which you can create many moods and looks. Darker emerald or pine greens are traditionally glamorous, while bright apple greens are fresh and invigorating. Soft sea foam or pistachio green adds a calming effect to any room.

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Green works in almost any room in your home, from the entryway, where green continues a natural connection from the outdoors into your home, to the kitchen, where green cabinets are an imaginative choice. Green has been shown to improve concentration so it’s also a smart choice for a home office. Pairing green with white creates an appealing modern contrast. Green with lots of rustic wood communicates an earthy simplicity. If you’re cautious about a bright green, try it on one important accent piece in a space, or paint one wall in a room. Green works great as an accent color in otherwise neutral spaces. Since we see green as a color from our natural world, we accept it visually in many iterations and locations.

Nashville Idea House Kitchen - Decorating with Green

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Decorating with Green - Cottage at the Beach

Bowley Builders , Project: Cottage at the Beach

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