Create More Drama Outside Your Home with Landscape Lighting


Highlighting a garden, pathway, entry and outdoor entertainment area with creative lighting is a fast way to add elegance and drama to your landscape.  Artfully arranged exterior lighting will call attention to your pool, patio, and unique landscaped elements, turning your home's exterior into a striking high contrast composition every night.

Lighting can be bright or low depending on the area and the effect you wish to achieve.  Bright lighting creates sharp shadows and dramatic contrast where low lighting is soothing and soft, even creating an almost otherworldly appearance with the right application.  Mixing and matching different levels of lighting can create a dynamic landscape design or designate different zones by mood.

Patio and outside kitchens can use colorful tract lights over the cooking area to provide plenty of light for safe cooking. More subtle light from attractive wall sconces or long neck lights attached to walls can differentiate the eating area, creating a calm and romantic atmosphere.

Subtle ground level lights can enhance the beauty of a garden and pool area, while bright patio lights reflected in a swimming pool or pond will create a dramatic effect.  Lighting is especially important if you have water features in your landscape design, as it can help keep people aware of their surroundings and prevent accidental falls into the water.

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