Dining Room Layouts to Dazzle Your Guests










With the holidays approaching, 'tis the season to entertain in the dining room. Whether planning an intimate dinner party or a larger soirée, the layout of your dining room can dictate the atmosphere and ambiance of your gathering. Discover some of our favorite dining room layouts and how they can shape the look and feel of your special occasions, as well as your overall home. 

Round tables provide intimate settings for conversations.

Table Shape

For a host that prefers smaller, more intimate gatherings, a round table provides a welcoming environment for facilitating conversation. A longer rectangular table works well with wider room shapes and can potentially accommodate larger numbers of people. Longer tables can also be converted into a buffet or hors d'oeuvre table for larger parties. 

Contemporary lighting can set the aesthetic of the room.


The lighting in the dining room can cast a warm glow on an elegant meal, and can shape the look and feel of your events. A chandelier provides a classical elegance while more contemporary pendant lights can provide a more unique look. Our experts can help light the room up in the way that best compliments your taste. 

Comfortable seating can provide a contemporary look and feel.


When choosing seating for the dining room, dining chairs can set the style of the room. Slender, sophisticated seats will give the room a glamorous look. Plush, cozy chairs provide a more comfortable vibe. The lines and materials of the seats can evoke a contemporary style. Consider the aesthetic of the rest the room and the rest of your home when designing a dining room layout. 

The colors used in the dining room can set the aesthetic.

Color Palette 

The colors of the dining room can directly affect the mood of the guests. Blue is known to be an appetite suppressant, while red acts as a stimulant. Neutral colors like beiges and grays can provide a contemporary look. Color can evoke different feelings and emotions, so choosing the appropriate palette will help set the aesthetic of the space. 

When it comes to laying out the ideal dining space, the experts at Country Club Homes can help you build the entertaining space of your dreams. Contact us to get started today.