Three Top Considerations for a Custom Wine Cellar

A wine cellar is a perfect addition to any wine-lover’s home. A custom wine cellar can contain temperature and humidity controls to help your favorite selections maintain their quality as they mature. Whether you are converting a room in your basement to a wine cellar, creating a wine room above ground on your main floor, or carving out a smaller walk-in closet there are so many fun possibilities for customization to keep in mind.

Consideration for a Custom Wine Cellar: Storage

How you choose to store your wine can greatly impact the look and feel of the wine cellar. Are you looking for something classic with a timeless feel? Wooden wine racks and shelves built into the wall can provide ageless appeal. Options for custom cabinetry and millwork show craftsmanship in every detail. If you are more into a sleek modern look, you may want to build metal racks into your design for a contemporary feel. Metals come in different colors and finishes, a brushed steel or a quilted copper can set the look and feel of your custom wine cellar. Some cellars use stone as an accent, which can also aid in the climate control of the room. Regardless of the material you choose for your storage units, the wine should be stored on its side. Storing wine on its side keeps the cork from drying, which prevents air from getting into the bottles and spoiling you selections.

 Storage Elements for The Wine Cellar

Custom cabinetry and millwork works to give a wine cellar optimal storage.

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Consideration for a Custom Wine Cellar: Lighting

The most important element to keep in mind when designing lighting for a custom wine cellar is heat. Certain kinds of light bulbs emit heat, which can cause damage to your wine collection. Avoid using incandescent and halogen bulbs in your wine cellar. Stick with environmentally friendly LED bulbs, which emit less heat. LED bulbs will light up your selections while keeping them safe from damage. The lighting in the wine cellar sets the mood for you and your guests. A more subdued lighting system can create a relaxed atmosphere. A custom addition to your wine cellar like a dimmer can help you control the lighting for you and your guests based on the occasion. Contemporary spotlights can add a dramatic effect to your favorite selections. Racks with built-in lighting can highlight favorites from your collection. Backlights make stunning additions to storage racks to showcase a few varieties. A custom light fixture like a chandelier or a hanging pendant light can change the entire look and feel of your wine cellar.

Lighting in the Wine Cellar

Lighting can open up the space in your custom wine cellar.

Consideration for a Custom Wine Cellar: Showcases

How you choose to showcase your favorite varieties can accent your decor. Strategic use of small alcove shelves in the wine cellar can help you display a choice selection. Glass showcases can add an elegant allure. Curves and architectural elements can act as focal points in your wine cellar for displaying your bottles. Building materials go a long way in creating aesthetic contrasts in your wine cellar. Small details like a brushed steel or a cherry stain can help you achieve the wine room of your dreams.


Showcases in the wine cellar

Nooks and alcoves provide the perfect focal point to display selections in your wine room.

Your custom wine cellar should provide you with an elegant space to store your favorite wine selections while protecting them from damaging elements like air, light and heat. The proper storage shelves will allow you to store bottle on their sides to prevent air from drying out your wine corks. Your lighting should use fixtures that emit minimal heat and flawlessly spotlight your favorite varieties. Your custom wine cellar should also include elements that allow you to showcase your bottles while still adhering to your preferred aesthetic values. Contact the professionals at Country Club Homes and start planning your custom wine cellar.