Embracing the Elegance of White Kitchen Design

Image via Houzz

Kitchen design trends come and go, but one that hasn’t gone out of style is that of the classic white or ivory design scheme. Whether you are looking for a full remodel or just a few adjustments, the simple elegance of a white kitchen is something to consider for your home in Connecticut.

Minimalist Living
Not everyone likes their belongings strewn about for the world to see. If you’re a minimalist in style, white kitchens work perfect to amplify your design. Using white cabinetry and countertops can provide you with a sleek, open-feeling room that is simple, yet beautiful.

Evergreen Kitchen Designs
White kitchens remain trendy no matter what year you are in. It creates that simple, yet enduring look that works regardless of how the rest of your home is styled. Adding in a few colorful accessories here and there in the white backdrop of the kitchen accentuates decorative pieces.

Complementary flooring materials, wall colors and coverings, and common stylistic selections can help smoothly transition your kitchen decor with other architectural features and fixtures in nearby dining and living areas.

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