Escape the Elements: Cold Climate Home Design Ideas

Another New England winter is upon us and while we may pride ourselves on our hardy natures, it’s still smart to do whatever we can to design our homes with ample comfort and protection from the elements. Here are a few home design ideas to make your home a safe and sturdy haven during the winter months:

Traditional Farm House with covered entrance - a cold climate home design Idea

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  • Covered entrances: Porticos or porches at your home’s entrances make coming and going safer, more convenient, and more welcoming for visitors.
  • A snow melting system: Reduce your time shoveling snow by installing a snow melting system under your home’s sidewalks, parking areas and driveway.
Cold Climate Home Design Ideas: radiant sidewalk

Christopher Porter

  • Radiant heating systems: Installed under the floor, a radiant heating system is an efficient way to provide additional heat to your home and will bring you wonderful comfort all season.
  • South facing windows: Positioned to take advantage of the most light, south facing windows bring warmth to your home each day by maximizing available winter rays.


Cold Climate Home Design Ideas: South facing windows

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