Fresh New Year: All White Rooms in Home Design

All white rooms aren’t for everyone but if you are attracted to this design idea there are some strategies to keep in mind for successful decorating with white as your main color. An all white room feels fresh, clean, sophisticated and creative. Perhaps the most exciting thing about an all white space is its versatility.


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Choosing the right hue for your space is the first step. There are hundreds of shades of white to choose from and when you are making a bold statement with an all white room you will want to be completely comfortable with your selection. Whites range from crisp and modern to romantic and creamy. Experiment with several swatches before you make a final decision.


Designer: Thomas O’Brien / Photography: Melanie Acevedo / Veranda Magazine

Texture is of primary importance in an all white room. To keep the space from feeling dull or sterile, elements such as natural woods and stones, or on the other end of the spectrum, metallic and glass accents make all the difference.



White acts as a blank canvas so everything you put in the room will stand out. This is a space where you will want to select elements carefully. If you have a favorite piece of art or a structurally interesting furniture piece, it will get even more focus in an all white environment.

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