Glow With Happiness Over These Unique Lighting Ideas

Any home design is made better by innovative and effective lighting. One of today's hottest trends is to use fluorescence throughout a home's design to cast a soft glow and create plenty of visual interest. Our favorite ways to add fluorescence include:

    • Ambient lighting. You can use fluorescence in a variety of ways to enhance your home's ambient lighting. Cabinet lighting, underbed lighting, and ceiling lighting are all ways to integrate a fluorescent glow into your home.
unique lighting ideas

Contemporary Living Room via Houzz

    • Exterior lighting. Put fluorescence to work outside by applying a specially designed coating to garden pots, tiles, or even the sidewalk. Starpath, an elastomeric coating, absorbs and stores energy from the sun during daylight hours then casts a cool glow in the dark night.
unique lighting ideas

Traditional Exterior via Houzz

    • Functional lighting. Many times you need light to serve a specific purpose. Consider adding fluorescence in a bathroom to serve as a nightlight or in the kitchen to make the cold walk to your morning coffee a little more enjoyable.
unique lighting ideas

Contemporary Kitchen via Houzz

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