Has Marble in the Home Lost Its Luster?

marble bathroom

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The use of marble in the home is a centuries old tradition. It's beauty in the kitchen, bathroom and as floors or walls cannot be denied. But times do change. Once a sign of affluence, the allure of this natural stone has decreased dramatically as it has found its way into a high percentage of homes. In fact it's quite a commonplace feature these days.

marble kitchen

Source: Houzz

Along its diminished stature, it's becoming more apparent that the resources for procuring marble are also rapidly decreasing. The high demand for marble has left mountains bare and fewer sources are available to meet the constant demand, often resulting in poorer quality stones being used in home construction and renovation. Because of this, marble isn't quite as luxurious and high-end as it used to be. Having seen the effects of constant carving on mountains in Italy, it's safe to say that marble might not be the best option in the realm of long-term home design.

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So... are there any alternatives?

Consumers and homeowners have a wide selection of other materials available to them that either mimic the same effects of marble or produce a totally fresh and new element to their home. These options include materials such as:

  • Granite
  • Glass
  • Quartz
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • ... and countless others

Every material has its own pros and cons - what really matter is your own preferences and needs. If a custom home project or renovation are in your future in or near Fairfield County, find out what your marble alternatives are by speaking with one of our custom design professionals at Country Club Homes Inc. by calling 203-762-0550.