Home Style of the Month: Colonial Revival

A uniquely American style, Colonial Revival was initially inspired by a surge of patriotism and was most popular from 1895-1945. The Philadelphia Centennial of 1876 created a renewed interest in the historical architecture of the United States. Architects began studying early Colonial homes and translated the original ideas into larger homes with an emphasis on simple, stately style.

Colonial Revival with simple, classical detailing

Architectural Digest

Brick is the most common material for a Colonial Revival, although clapboard or shingles are also used. The style is very symmetrical, with a pronounced decorative entrance, sometimes accented with columns or a pediment supported by pilasters.

Colonial Revival Architecture with centered entrance accented with columns or pilasters

Things That Inspire

Colonial Revival is one of the most popular architectural style in the United States, open to a wide variety of interpretations while retaining a classic, dignified attitude that endures through the centuries.

Elements of Colonial Revival Style

  • Symmetrical facade
  • Medium pitch, side gable roof
  • Multi-pane double hung windows
  • Centered entrance accented with columns or pilasters
  • Simple, classical detailing
  • Center entry hall floor plan
Elements of Colonial Revival Style include a center entry hall floor plan

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