Home Style of the Month: Shingle

Making its mark between 1880-1900, particularly in New England coastal towns, the Shingle style of architecture is unmistakably American, with influences from Queen Anne and Colonial homes. Shingle style was never a mass building trend. The homes remained high style, architect driven projects, usually for wealthy families building a summer “cottage” home. The style has aptly been called “the architecture of the American summer.”



Shingle-Style Second Home Exterior

Country Club Homes, Inc.

A connection to the outdoors is prominent in Shingle style homes, which feature generous porches and verandas, along with many windows. Wood shingles encase the complex form of the home. Asymmetry and freedom of design is a recurring theme. Inherently luxurious due to their size, rarity and location, the homes still retain something of an informal feel with little fussiness.



Country Club Homes, Inc.

Elements of Shingle Style

  • Complex shapes wrapped in cedar shingles
  • Few decorative details
  • Shingles stained, painted or allowed to weather naturally
  • Stone foundations, stone porch columns, or a stone first floor with shingles above
  • Complex roof forms, towers, lots of windows
  • Spacious porches and verandas
Exterior shingle style custom home new canaan, ct

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