How to Tell if a Wall or Column is Load-Bearing

Many homeowners seek to open up space in their home during a home renovation project by removing a wall. This can connect spaces and completely transform a home's layout. Before a wall can be removed it must first be determined whether the wall is load-bearing. This can be determined by:

what to do with load bearing walls
Traditional Staircase by Wilton Design-Build Firms Country Club Homes

  • Searching for beams at the lowest level of the house that interface directly with the concrete foundation.
  • Locating the home's beams and noting which walls they connect directly to.
  • Identifying joists that meet a wall at a perpendicular angle and transferring the weight to the load-bearing wall.
  • Following internal load-bearing walls up through the structure.

Since load-bearing walls can't be removed, there are certain things you can do to integrate them into the home's design. Consider installing structural columns in place of the wall and tie in their design to the room's aesthetic. You can also use beams in the ceiling to help support the weight of a load-bearing wall while opening up the space.

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