Let Technology Lead the Way in Your Living Room

Home technology designsAs technology continues advancing at a break neck speed the amount of automation you can employ in your home grows. The Grand Designs Live London interior design event highlighted the newest in technological breakthroughs for your home. The automation in home technology trends for the living room was especially impressive.

  • Television and Movies A quick press of a button can transform a conventional living space into a high end media room. Plasma screens are revealed, the room darkens, hidden speakers come to life, and the show begins.
  • Music Your music shouldn't be limited to a single room! Advancing technologies in speakers and music sharing allow homeowners to link to a digital playlist via a single system for the entire home. iPod-like interfaces make media systems accessible and easy to use.
  • Universal Controls Homeowners can opt to merge controls for a variety of automated features into one universal remote. This single device can control media, lights, windows, fans, and many other automated living room features.

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