Make it Crafty: A Custom Craft Room in Your Home

Whether you’re creating paper pumpkins and bats for a Halloween party this weekend or daydreaming about crafting in a dedicated space throughout the year, here are some tips for creating the perfect craft room in your home.

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Plan Your Space: Your craft room should be designed to accommodate the tasks you will spend the most time on while engaged in your crafty endeavors. Make sure you allow enough room for comfortably sitting, standing and navigating around a table large enough to allow for maximum creativity with supplies easily at hand.



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Organize Your Supplies: The freedom of creativity starts with the discipline of organization. No matter the size of the room, you’ll want to carefully consider your storage options to make the most of your space. Open storage shelves with color-coded bins or baskets make finding supplies a breeze - you spend less time looking for what you need and more time creating. For less frequently used items, closed cabinets keep the room feeling less cluttered, so it’s important to find a balance between open and hidden storage.

Practical Matters: Task lighting is essential in a craft room, as is easy access to multiple outlets. A sink is a wonderful way to keep yourself and the area clean through multiple tasks.



Fun for the Whole Family: If you’re crafting with kids, make sure you store some supplies within their reach and incorporate child-scale furniture they can safely use.

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