Shaker Style in the Home

If you’re drawn to traditional design, you’re probably familiar with Shaker style, especially in furniture and in the kitchen. One of the most enduring styles in the United States, Shaker style was originally developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming, the “Shakers,” a religious sect whose followers rejected the ostentatious in favor of simplicity, utility, and the beauty of fine craftsmanship.

Shaker style mudroom - utility room

Mowlem & Co.

Clean lines and a lack of ornamentation reflect the Shaker’s reverence for order. Shakers restricted the use of any beading, molding, cornices, or anything else considered too fanciful. Shaker designs were intended to inspire a sense of serenity and grace.

Shaker Style in the Home - kitchen cabinets

Atmosphere Interior Design, Inc.

Shaker style is best expressed with clean lines, simplicity and order. A home designed with a Shaker influence will have an open and simple floor plan with a natural flow and uncluttered interior design. High quality furniture designed to last a lifetime in maple, cherry and other hardwoods is perfectly at home in a Shaker-style interior. In the kitchen, cabinetry with Shaker-style recessed panels is a classic choice that enhances almost any décor. The highest quality woods will provide the most timeless look for the Shaker style, with its inherent simplicity letting the rich character of the material make a lasting impression.

Shaker Style in the Home - Master bathroom vanity with a modern twist

Vangarde Woodworks

“Whatever is fashioned, let it be plain and simple and for the good,” was a favorite saying of the Shakers and an excellent motto to follow if you are intrigued by Shaker-style design in your home.

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