Spring Time Pruning for Your Fairfield County Landscape

Fairfield County homes look their best with great looking landscaping that is maintained and pruned regularly. Spring is usually the best time to prune plants, but knowing exactly when to trim is key to a healthy blooming plant.

Photo via Houzz

Photo via Houzz

We suggest the removal of all dead or damaged stems from plants as soon as you see them. Dead and damaged stems attract unwanted insects that develop diseases, eventually killing your plants. To start pruning a plant, it's important to know when they bloom.  Plants that bloom in the early spring such as forsythia and lilacs are best pruned during the later part of spring when they finish flowering. For other types of plants such as hydrangeas, consider pruning in the early summer to avoid cutting off their buds. Roses need to be pruned during early spring, especially if they are overgrown. For shrubs that lack blooming flowers, consider pruning during the dormant stage in the winter months.

Pruning and landscape maintenance are time-consuming activities that require a lot of know-how to do properly.  That's why we worked with our business partner, Frank Festini, to launch TotalCare to service Fairfield County with home and property maintenance.  TotalCare is a full-service maintenance organization.  Instead of hiring a variety of home repair and maintenance specialists for the variety of tasks you need around the house, you just need to work with one Personal Caretaker and pay one bill and TotalCare takes care of the maintenance and payments to individual workers.  It's the worry-free way to take care of your home!

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