Sweet Dreams: Elements of a Restful Master Bedroom

A bedroom that invites peaceful relaxation creates a better quality of life. A good night’s sleep promotes mental and physical health. Keep the following in mind when considering your bedroom remodel and sweet dreams will be yours!



Image Credit: Atkinson Drive

Color: Warm earth tones such as coppers, creams and tans are best for creating a cozy atmosphere. Soft, nature-inspired colors like pale blue, green, or lavender establish a calming atmosphere. Choose the colors of all your accessories first as it’s easy to choose complementary paint colors.



Image Credit: Zillow Digs

Lighting: Think of the lighting in your bedroom in layers. In addition to the electrical lighting from overhead lights, wall and table lamps, it’s important to manage natural light. Window treatments with a few options, such as shades, sheers and heavier curtains, which provide varying levels of privacy and light, are ideal for the bedroom.



Image Credit: Zillow Digs

Organization: A clutter-free environment is essential for a restful bedroom. Clear the room of everything you don’t need while sleeping, especially electronics and any kind of exercise equipment.

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