A Tisket, A Tasket, A Basket Idea for Lighting

Easter arrives this weekend along with celebrations at home with family and friends. While you’re entertaining, imagine how new lighting ideas could add bright style to your space. Easter weekend seems like the perfect time to take a look at the basket pendants we’ve seen return as a trend this year.

Basket pendants built from repurposed fishing traps, or built to look as if they do, add interesting character and texture to a room. We’ve seen these in colors from natural to white or black.

A Basket Idea for Lighting

myhomeideas, A This Old House Property - Antoine Bootz Photography

Wire basket pendant lights, especially those with an exposed bulb, contribute an industrial mood to a room. Metal baskets in a more abstract form built from layers of copper, rubbed bronze, or brushed chrome make a modern artistic statement.

A Basket Idea for Lighting

Green Couch Interior Design

Whichever material they are built from, basket lights are appealing because of the way they distribute light with flattering and unexpected illumination. They’re also timeless and versatile, suitable for just about any décor.


Basket pendant lighting

M. Barnes & Co. Interior Design, Athens Farmhouse via houzz.com


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