Trendy Home Features With Timeless Appeal

When you're building a new home, you need to strike a balance between the trendiest features and ones that will still be appealing down the road. Thankfully, some features fall into both of these categories. Consider including the following timeless and trendy elements in your new home.

  • Brick walls. Exposed brick in a kitchen, living room, den, or even a bedroom gives the room undeniable character. You can change the decor of a room around the brick in years to come, but it will always give your home a rustic touch.

Traditional Kitchen by Rock Hill Cabinets & Cabinetry CCS Woodworks Inc.

  • Using re-purposed materials. Whether you use rescued wooden planks to create exposed wood tresses in your living room, or old wooden palates to build bookshelves in the study, reclaimed, recycled materials will stay trendy for years. The world is just beginning its passion for sustainable building, and the trend will undoubtedly grow.

Rustic Living Room by Buffalo Architects & Building Designers Murphy & Co. Design

    • Natural stone features. You can't go wrong with natural stone countertops or floors. Not only are their durable, but their look is timeless and elegant.

Rustic Hall by Woodside Photographers Bernard Andre Photography

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